Deep Mini

Deep Mini is a remote controlled underwater vehicle that can be used for underwater observation and many different operations which can customers may determine. It has modern aerodynamic design that provides more agile movement in the water, and also reduces the surface friction force which water applies. Thanks to this design concept, the reduced water friction force achieves high power savings in the batteries, thus enabling Deep Mini to achieve long-term operation times. 3 propelled underwater vehicle designed geometry which has three degrees of freedom, is controlled by control pad which connected to ground control computer that also adapted withstand the extreme weather conditions.


The computer connects to the Tether designed for Deep Mini through wireless networking. With a depth of up to 100 meters, the Deep Mini can send 1080p quality 60fps video recording to the ground control computer with a delay of less than 0.5 seconds. In addition, additive manufacturing In addition, layered production methods are used in combination with materials such as PLA and PE in the inner case. Thanks to this production way, the effect of pressure applied in deep water is minimized. Deep Mini can meet the needs of many different customer segments, such as port operators, dredging companies, shipyards, marinas, municipalities, dams, ship owners, class organizations.

8 Kilograms

630 x 400 x 130 mm

4 Hours Maximum Operation Time

Semi-Autonomous and RemoteControlled Operations

Control with Ground Control System

3 Thrusters

1080p 60fps Video Recording

Smart Tether Link with Wi-Fi

3000 Lumen Capacity

100m+ Depth

  • Oceanographic surveys
  • Other underwater survey operations
  • Hull inspection operations
  • Determination of pipeline routes and inspection activities
  • Structural inspections of offshore platforms, bridge piers and ports etc.
  • General underwater assessment and rapid response
  • Optional mini-ROV module,
  • Optional water quality measurement module,
  • Optional Emergency response module
  • Optional operation management module
  • Optional Tough case