Novu X

Novu-X is a multipurpose surface vehicle with various functions such as hydrographic inspection, bathymetric survey and surveillance. With its modular catamaran body structure, this autonomous unmanned surface vehicle can be demounted into small parts, easily transported to different areas and modified according to customer requirements.


With its small size and light weight, the vehicle can be easily transported to the field of operation and efficiently run the desired operations. Because of the vehicle is manufactured using PLA and polyethylene material, while maintaining its stability and stability during operations, it cannot easily damaged and does not require regular maintenance. The most important competitive advantage of the vehicle is its adaptable structure to the customer needs.


Due to its state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, Novu-X can meet the needs of many different customer segments, such as port operators, dredging companies, shipyards, marinas, municipalities, dams, ship owners, class organizations. Users can perform the required operation in any condition and provide data transfer thanks to the control unit available in addition to the product.

35 Kilograms

Length: 1.5 Meters / Beam: 0.9 Meters / Draft: 0.4 Meters

Up to 2 Hours @ Max Speed

Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous and Remote Controlled Operations

RF Telemetry, Control with Ground Control System Iridium Satellite Communications (In demand)

Beaufort Sea State 4

9 Kts Max Speed

2 x Brushless DC Motor Driving 3 Blade Propellers

Radar, Lidar and AIS

Up to 5 Kilometers Remote Range 10 Nm Operational Range

Up to 15 kg payload capacity

  • Bathymetric measurements,
  • Oceanographic and topographical surveys,
  • Detailed depth measurements within the port, lakes, dams etc.
  • Determination of pipeline routes and inspection activities,
  • Sea filling, excavation and pre-construction measurements and controls,
  • Flow and flow measurements of waters such as rivers, dams and lakes,
  • Structural inspections of bridge piers, wind mills, ports etc.,
  • Underwater imaging and hull/propeller inspection (with the Optional mini-ROV),
  • Port security observation,
  • Water quality measurement with optional sensors,
  • Emergency response (with optional rescue kit)
  • Optional mini-ROV module,
  • Optional water quality measurement module,
  • Optional Emergency response module
  • Optional operation management module
  • Optional Tough case