The working principle of the project is based on the risk-free combination of the working area and routes of the port equipment used by the workers and guests. In the application phase, the port area will be transferred to the coordinate-based digital environment in isometric form. The instantaneous position maneuver and status of the port equipment and elements will be displayed on this digitized area.



SafeNow is a software that is connected to all sensors, equipment and elements through signaling and additional communication infrastructure.


SafeNow synthesizes the information obtained from the field and creates a risk report based on different criteria. Some reports that system automatically creates

  • Operational Risk Report: The time period between the relocation of the ship and the departure of the ship.
  • Equipment Risk Report: It is based on the data of the equipment that is involved in the risk-generating or near-miss report.
  • Individual Risk Report: It is based on the risky behavior of the port employees in the field.
  • Third Party Services Risk Report: It is based on the service personnel and vehicles provided to the port externally (Surveillance, Logistics, Agency, etc.).
  • Instant Field Condition: It is used to examine the Port Area from the top view and from different perspectives in a digital environment.
  • Momentary Health Status: Thanks to Port Helmets, the heartbeats of the staff are recorded. The upper limit and lower limit are determined and health status effort is displayed. In addition, it is possible to observe the cold blood pressure against possible danger.
  • Near Miss Reports: Despite all warnings of the system as a result of the continuation of the system auto-stop situations, people and equipment is based on.
  • Equipment Conditions: Indicates the battery voltage, temperature, fuel conditions of the equipment defined in the system. Also shows the battery, sensor and maintenance status of Harbor Helmets.
  • Personnel Risk Ranking: Calculates the monthly risk score of the port personnel. Reassuring staff based on precise information will increase working performance and confidence.
  • Risk Sensitivity Adjustment: This is a setting that will reduce or increase the warning sensitivity of the personnel according to the working area.

IoT Environment

e-protect Electronic Safety Helmet Add-on


e-protect aims to bring today’s wearable technology to the operational areas. Device is basically an add-on which can be easily installed onexisting helmets.


Due to its unique features, e-protect can be used to control if workers and/or guests wear their helmets all the time at operational premises. System also provides immobility and man down situations detection and location detection in case of emergency.


It also provides helmet usage statistics based on region, date and time.On the other hand, health situations can be monitored instantly and frequent health reports will be created daily base. e-protect is equipped with sensors that will protect the user from potential dangers, especially the position sensor, in order to work with NovuSafe. These sensors are mainly;


  • Pulse Sensor
  • Dust-Particle Sensor
  • Oxygen Sensor
  • Liquid Contact Sensor
  • Voice Alert System
  • Decibel meter
  • Activator

Other Equipment Add-ons


NovuSafe provides different add-ons which are attachable to all in-operation equipment such as mobile cranes and terminal trucks.



The ship mooring process, which is one of the most risky moments of the pier operation, is also controlled by NovuSafe. With the sensors to be added, if the pressure on the bollard increased, NovuSafe will alert users and the people in vicinity. On the other hand, the area with a diameter of 30 meters will be declared as the primary risk zone when the ship lines attached to bollards.


Third Party Service Provider Staff and Vehicles


For the services being provided from outside, the operation area is visited with third parties such as agencies, surveillance. Third parties and their vehicle will be equipped with portable battery sensors at the entrance so they can be monitored by the system. NovuSafe provides;


  • Speed ​​control
  • Sound warning in case of intersection with port equipment
  • Audible warnings of risk cursors positioned by PTs


With all these superior capabilities, NovuSafe will ease the concerns regarding the safety and security in operational areas, reduce risk-related costs of port owners&operators and contribute to increase workforce efficiency. For more detailed information about the project please contact us at