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The majority of machine malfunctions on merchant ships are due to human error. As Novumare, with the help of IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies, we aim to reduce this situation, increase efficiency and take measures for possible failures with predictive analysis. In this context, the primary system we focus on is the steam boilers where faults occur more often.


Vessel steam boilers are used in the heating of liquids with high viscosity and in the drive of turbines. Steam boilers operate under high temperature and high pressure, and a high amount of energy is needed to create these conditions. For this reason, the maximum level of heat transfer in steam boilers is very important in terms of thermo-economic circumstances and therefore it directly affects the energy efficiency of the vessels. The heat transfer between the steam and steam boiler circulating lines along the vessel varies with the ratio of the contact between the surface and the fluid. For this reason, the chemical content of the water used to obtain steam should be checked at regular intervals to intervene when necessary. Most of the malfunctions in these systems are caused by human errors in control and intervention processes. Nowadays these technical operations are manually carried out by seafarers with the help of physical work-force like similar operations carried out on ships regularly. In this context, the purpose of the H2OMonitor product, which we have developed and patented as Novumare, is to automate this process, minimize human-related errors, increase measurement frequency, prevent chemical waste, facilitate process monitoring, and reduce man-time loss.


H2OMonitor is a boiler water analyzing and intervention automation. The product is intended to perform the chemical analysis and chemical treatment of boiler water by itself. In this context, processes are controlled and necessary actions are taken through mechanical, electrical-electronic systems and software developed within the framework of IoT and Artificial Intelligence applications. H2OMonitor performs water analysis 4 times a day (1 every 6 hours) beyond the recommended test periods and decreases human factor and force. The system adds the required chemicals to the feed tank according to the analysis results and reference values. After that, it provides a detailed report about the process to operators on shore and onboard. During these automated processes, parameters such as load status and machine speed of the vessel are recorded and so the necessary data are collected for detailed analysis of the system. In the light of these data, the required technical maintenance plans on the ship can be easily completed by anticipating the situations in which the system will be intervened. In addition, through the special sensors within the product, damage and deterioration in the system can be followed and defined long before they occur.


With all these superior capabilities, H2OMonitor will facilitate the work-load of seafarers, reduce maintenance costs of ship owners&operators and contribute to increase energy efficiency. For more detailed information about the product please contact us at project@novumare.com.tr.


23 Ekim 2015